sew bizEmbroyder enthusiast if you are a beginner or an expert you can always learn new techniques or project if you visit sew biz in trussville Alabama.  Carol Wright, Owner, not only does she know her merchandise like the palm of her hand, she can also answer any questions you may have.  She is really not out there to get your money, she is out there to help you out and not to take advantage of you.  When you come inside her store she does not see you as money coming in but as a person and she will honestly answer your questions evenif it means loosing a sale.  She will sell you what you want but if you don’t need it she will let you know still the choice is yours.


Entusiastas del bordado a maquina, si son principiantes o expertos pueden aprender tecnicas y proyectos nuevos si visital la tienda Sew Biz en Trussville Alabama.  La duena Carol Wright, no solo es una experta y conose su mercansia como la palma de su mano tambien te contesta preguntas que puedas tener.  Realmente no esta alli por tu dinero sino para ayudarte sin abusar de ti.  Cuando entras a su tienda ella no mira un signo de pesos sino a una persona y honestamente te contestara tus preguntas ahunque eso signifique perder una venta.  Ella te vendera lo que quieras, pero si no lo necesitas, te lo dejara saber. de todas formas la decision es tuya.


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