I was watching tv this morning and I saw a commercial advertising direct tv and at the end it sayd call 1800 direct tv.  I am going to say Do not call 1800 direct tv, but if you allready have direct tv you better save your money.  Here is why when you cancel your sewrvice, a year later you will be getting a call from them saying that they just checked your system and that you owe them over $100 dollar and if you don’t pay they wll report you to the credit bureau and mess up your credit  so go with someone else like Dish network I recomend them but please stay away from Direct TV.

Estaba mirando la television esta Manana y mire un comercial de Direct TV y al final decia llamma 1-800-direct tv.  Yo les boy a decir que no llamen al 1-800-direct tv, pero si ya tienen direct tv.  tienes que ahorrar tu dinero.  aqui esta el porque,  Cuando decidan cancelar el servicio, un ano despues van a recivir una llamada de direct tv diciendo que acaban de revisar tu systema y que encontraron que debes mas de cien dolares en peliculas ordenadas y que si no los pagas te reportaran al buro de credito y perjudicaran tu credito.  Asi es de que su quieren cable llaqmen a dish networ o su compania local 




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