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As I was growing up I noticed that my grandfather and most of his family had catholic altars in their homes with different images and lit candles.  Almost all of this altars had A crucifix and a statue or picture of virgin Mary.  My grandfather prayed in front of his altar almost daily.  He told me that all the saint were jealous ones and that he had to pray to the ones that he had in his altar.  This got stuck in my head.  When I found out that There was a list of saints greater than my fingers and my toes I got worried.  If I had to pray to all of them so that no one will be mad at me the day was not going to be long enough and I had other things to do like go to school and stuff like that so I decided not to pray at all.


Cuando yo estaba creciendo, note que mi abuelo  y la mayoria de su familia tenian altares catolicos en sus casas con differentes imagenes y veladoras prendidas  La mayoria de estos altares  tenian un crucifico y una foto o estatua de la virgen Maria.  Mi abuelo resaba frente a su altar casi todos los dias>  Me dijo que los santos eran muy celosos y que tenia que resarles a todos los que tenia en su altar.  Esto se quedo dentro de mi cabeza,   Cuando me di cuenta que la lista de santos era mas grande que no me alcansaban los dedos de las manos con los de los pies me preocupe mucho.  Si yo tenia que resarles a todos para que ninguno se enojara conmigo el dia no era lo suficientemente largo  para eso y yo tenia que aser otras cosas como ir a la escuela y cosas mas Asi que decidi no resarle a nadie


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